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Coca-Cola 0,33L

Zero Coca-Cola 0,33L

Fanta 0,33L

Bonaqua Maustamaton 0,33L

Bonaqua Villivadelma 0,33L

Bonaqua Sitruuna 0,33L

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Bonaqua Maustamaton 0,33l, Bonaqua villivadelma 0,33l, Jaffa 0,33l, Novelle 0,33l, Coca-cola 0,33l, Coca-cola zero 0,33l, Coca-cola 1,5L, Coca-cola zero 1,5L, Novelle kivennäisvesi 1,5L


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  • I really like the food quality, its taste and the service provides by Chinawall Restaurant. I highly recommend you to taste the food and you will go back again and again for sure!
  • My Kids always ask me when I will buy them their favourite kids menu from Chinawall. And my personal menu is Fried menu. Check out what's yours :)
  • I love their hot sauce which I don't get mostly from other restaurants. If you are spices lover, just ask them to add your level of spices and you will enjoy them with their chilled drinks.